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1 Dec 2016    |    12 Dec 2016

Jerusalem International Dance Week & International Dance Exposures in Tel Aviv

CC Tel Aviv supported participation of a dance photographer Vojtech Brtnicky at the Jerusalem International Dance Week where in cooperation with Machol Shalem Dance House and International Photography Festival organized special workshop for photographers focusing on dance.

4 Dec 2016    |    18 Dec 2016

Proteopedia - scientific residency at the Weizmann Institute

CC Tel Aviv supported the residency of Petr Solil from Biotechnology and Biomedicine Center of the Academy of Sciences - Biocev who will be working with Professor Joel L. Sussman, Co-Director of the Israel Strucural Protemics Center, at his project called Proteopedia.

10 Dec 2016    |    15 Dec 2016

KOUDELKA: Shooting Holy Land

We are very happy to announce December screenings of the documentary film by Gilad Baram Koudelka: Shooting Holy Land following full-house August and September screenings and the overwhelming responses of Israeli audience. A big thank you to all who already watched the film and for those who haven't yet - this is your chance!







05. 12. 2016

Presentation by Tereza Stejskalová

18 November 2016, MoBY: Museum of Bat Yam - As Radical As Reality Itself - closing event for the second installment of The Kids Want Communism including the tour of the exhibition, conversation, screening and presentations.

02. 11. 2016

International Film Festival in Haifa

15 - 24 October 2016, Haifa.

25. 10. 2016

Dede & Nitzan Mintz

Artist residency, October, Prague. Mural painting on the wall of the publisjing house Argo (Milíčova 13, Praha 3). Photos by Pavlina Schultz and Vojtěch Brtnický.

02. 09. 2016

Jerusalem Beer Festival

31 August - 1 September 2016, Independence Park, Jerusalem.


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