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25 Apr 2018    |    27 Apr 2018

Milan Svoboda Kvartet

Jazz, Milan Krajíc - tenor and soprano sax, Milan Svoboda - piano, keyboards, Filip Spálený - bass and Ivan Audes – drums

8 Apr 2018    |    12 Apr 2018

The Israel Chamber Orchestra– Viktor Ullmann Emperor of Atlantis

The Israel Chamber Orchestra performs Emperor of Atlantis composed by Czech conductor Viktor Ullmann, in honor of Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. 8.4. Heichal Hatarbut Karmiel, 20:30 11.4 Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 19:00 12.4. Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 20:00 Czech Centre Tel Aviv is a partner of this event.

22 Mar 2018

Cimbalom group Capella in Israel

Cimbalom group Capella from the small village Kozojídky in part of Czech Republic called South Moravia,region very rich on its culture habits, songs and music is coming to Israel on the occasion of the 100 year anniversary of Czechoslovakia and 70 years of the State of Israel.

15 Mar 2018

To Make a Comedy Is No Fun at EPOS International Art Film Festival

Screening of a documentary film about Czech director Jiri Menzel at the International Art Film Festival in Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

11 Mar 2018    |    16 Mar 2018

Lukáš Viktora at the Fifth International Swift Conference in Tel Aviv

Swift conference is an international platform for birdwatchers and nature conservationists. Israel is famous as a destination for bird migration and swifts play special role. We are happy to welcome Czech expert presenting two years of experiences with zoological building assessment before its thermal insulation in the Czech Republic.






22. 11. 2017

Ester Tower

The artistic artefact / tower by the architect Martin Rajnis in the magic city of Jerusalem is a unique Czech-Israeli project, which not only symbolically represents the traditionally warm relations between the two countries – on political, economic, and cultural levels – but is also the largest cultural event since the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1990. Photos: Pavlina Schultz

09. 08. 2017

Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair

Annually, Czech Centre Tel Aviv participates at the Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair. This year we are happy to present a story of the legacy of Czech crafts in combination with modern design created by studio Lipa and family manufacture for wooden toys Josef Pavel. Photo: Pavlina Schultz

09. 08. 2017

Karel Zeman in Jerusalem

We are happy to have a close cooperation with the Train Theatre and the International Puppet Festival in Jerusalem / תיאטרון הקרון. This year in a cooperation with Karel Zeman Museum / Muzeum Karla Zemana in Prague the festival celebrates the spirit of Karel Zeman’s amazing, fantastic world of animation that inspired such filmmakers as Steven Spielberg or Terry Gilliam. In Luuuuna Park in Park HaPa'amon in Jerusalem we prepared an exhibition of images from Karel Zeman's films and a special interactive station where visitors of all age groups can learn, try and understand the magic of film tricks before computers and Photoshop. Photo: Pavlina Schultz

29. 06. 2017

David Vrbik at White Night Tel Aviv 2017

Also this year Czech Centre Tel Aviv participated at the European project during the festival White Night Tel Aviv called Performance Europa and presented audiovisual artist David Vrbik with his Laser String instrument on the Rotschild Boulevard. Photo: Pavlina Schultz


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