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Czech Centre Tel Aviv is part of the network of the Czech Centres that promote Czech cultural life on the international stage and actively reinforce the perception of the Czech Republic throughout the world as a modern and creative country with a rich cultural tradition. 
The organization was established and is funded by the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to advocate on behalf of the Czech Republic abroad. 
Their network is comprised of 22 Czech Centres in 20 countries and on 3 continents.

Czech Centre Tel Aviv has been established in May 2010. In a short time we have managed to become a part of the foreign cultural institutes active in this country and have been cooperated closely with our partner institutions. Czech Centre Tel Aviv focuses on several areas of presentation of the Czech culture such as film, theatre, fine art, literature, tourism and others.

Czech Centre Tel Aviv is located at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tel Aviv in Zeitlin St. 23.









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Our Partners

The Jewish Comminuty of Prague
Czech Tourism


Theatre, Dance, Music

Visual Arts, Architecture