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Lukáš Přibyl


Tel.: +972-3-691 1216

E-mail: pribyl@czech.cz


Lukáš Přibyl studied Politics and Near Eastern Studies at Brandeis University and at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Religion and Human Rights at SIPA at Columbia University in New York, History at Central European University in Budapest and Jewish religion and Philosophy in Sweden. Except work on various political science related projects, he has published on various aspects of Jewish history and curated exhibitions at the Jewish Museum in Prague. He also served as the first Director of the European Shoah Legacy Institute. The four Forgotten Transports documentaries were his first films.


Pavlina Schultz

deputy director

Email: telaviv@czech.cz


Pavlina Schultz studied Political Science with focus on Israel at the Charles University of Prague. As a recipient of the Government Scholarship she spent one year at the University of Haifa. Since 2008 she has been living in Israel where she worked for several years at the Commercial and Culture department at the Embassy of the Czech Republic. In Israel she studied Photography and Graphic Design. She has created various documentary series such as The Wingmen: A story of Czechoslovak pilots and air-force technicians in the service of Israel or Tell Me What You Eat about Israeli vegans. In Prague she has exhibited also the series TLV24 capturing everyday life in Tel Aviv. She is the author of the blog FromTelAviv.com.


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