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22.4.2016 - 29.4.2016

Haruna Hancoop na Kino Kabaret TLV

ČC Tel Aviv podpořilo účast mladé filmařky a režisérky na mezinárodním workshopu nezávislého filmu.


Kino Kabaret is the international kino event. Filmmakers from Israel and all over Europe will come to Tel Aviv between the 24th-30th of April to direct, shoot, act, edit and make very special effects on the films we’ll do together. For seven days the Alfred Gallery will become the place where we will pitch, eat, shoot, drink, and edit our films. The Kabaret is a golden opportunity to be and create with artists that are coming over to meet and shoot. Register right now, it even includes two meals a day.

Who’s coming

Kino Kabaret TLV will be attended by 120 participants, 60 from israel and 60 from abroad. The Kabaret is open for directors, screenwriters, producers, designers, cinem atographers, actors, editors and every artist that want to create films. Each participant brings their own equipment, so editors will bring laptops and cinematographers will bring cameras. Our friends from abroad will be hosted by the Israeli Kinoites.

More here: http://www.kinotlv.co.il/

“TALK TO ME” / Haruna Honcoop / Vimeo











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