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Beit Theresienstadt lectures

Beit Theresienstadt is presenting a lecture series by ZOOM. There will be 3 lectures in English in August. You are more than welcome to join the lectures. Please see below for more information about the lectures and ZOOM links:



The 2 Nazi propaganda films made in Ghetto Theresienstadt (1942 and 1944).

Lecture in ENGLISH

The stories of 2 propaganda films, made in attempt to show the world “fake news” about a “Jewish Settlement Region”.

Speaker: Karel Margry, a Dutch historian and writer, one of the founders of the Museum of Dutch Resistance in Amsterdam, researcher of Ghetto Theresienstadt propaganda films and editor of a British quarterly that deals with various aspects of WWll.

Zoom link to the lecture: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82307438628



The Jewish Museum in Prague

Lecture in ENGLISH

One of the oldest Jewish Museums in Europe, where artefacts are kept since 1906 from the old Jewish Ghetto in Prague. The lecture will elaborate on the history and current activities of the museum which is located next to 4 impressive synagogues.

Speaker: Suzanna Pavlovska, Director of the Education department of the Jewish Museum in Prague

Zoom link to the lecture: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87293036193



The Tattooed Torah

Lecture in ENGLISH

During the Nazi regime in Czechoslovakia, many items of Judaica were confiscated from Jewish communities that had been expelled. These artefacts, including Torah Scrolls,were brought to Prague and each one was given a number. During the Communist regime, the Torah Scrolls were dispersed among Jewish Communities around the world. One of the scrolls that emanated from Brno, reached Chicago, in the U.S. Marvell Ginsburg wrote a children’s book about the scroll, and later an animated film was made, dubbed by Ed Asner.


Speaker: Beth Kopin, daughter of Marvell Ginsburg and producer of the film, and others from the production team.

Zoom link to the lecture: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81532361624