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Bubble show

Czech Centre Tel Aviv presents Matěj Kodeš, a professional bubble artist who belongs among the world’s top bubble artists. His performances are on a world level and they do attract kids and adults too! This extraordinary artist holds many world records in making extraordinary bubbles. Do not miss his show in Jerusalem!

Address: Festival Arts and Crafts Festival, Sulton's Pool, Dror Aliel Street Jerusalem


The Bubble shows will be 14.8, 15.8 and 16.8 in the children's Compound.

Two shows every night, after each performance.

The first from 19:15 to 19:30

The second from 20:15 - 20:45



  • The most people closed into a soap bubble (214)
  • The most cars closed into a soap bubble (3 VW Passat cars)
  • The biggest flying soap bubble in the world
  • The biggest car and the biggest object in a soap bubble
  • The longest bubble tunnel in the world (24,1)
  • The most tigers in a bubble (5 tigers a 4 animal keepers)
  • The longest bubble chain (28 bubbles )
  • The longest bubble chain made by the hands only (14 bubbles )
  • The most bubbles in a bubble (58)
  • The most people calling from a cell phone in a bubble in an hour (341)
  • The most people with bubble blower (1386)



Thanks to our partners: Smartwings and Arts and Craft festival in Jerusalem.