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Czech Graceful Legacy

The team of Czech television is coming back to Israel to present selected episodes of Czech Graceful Legacy in the presence of the creators. As an additional program it will be seen an exhibition by David Vávra´s drawings from Israel.

Team of Czech Television was working in November 2012 on a series of documentaries about Czech architects and artists who made their mark on the history of architecture and art in Israel.This series, entitled Šumné stopy (Graceful Legacy), is a sequel to the successful 66 episodes of the series on modern architecture in the Czech Republic, entitled Šumné stopy (Graceful Towns), and also to the previous 18 successful episodes of Sumne stopy which we filmed in other countries such as Japan or Slovenia. 

Czech Centre Tel Aviv will arrange screening of selected episodes with English subtitles in the presence of the creators - architect David Vávra, director Radovan Lipus and production manager Renata Vlčková.