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Czechoslovak Film Festival 2018

The 9th Czechoslovak Film Festival in Israel will be held on 13-31th August. It will offer the best of Czechoslovak cinematography in six Israeli cities. This year's theme will be Tribute to Miloš Forman and Ján Kadár's retrospective. Czech Centre Tel Aviv is the organizer with cooperation Embassy of the Czech Republic and Embassy of the Slovak Republic.

The festival will be opened by our guest  Zuzana Kroner in Tel Aviv with the film Ice Mother on Monday, August 13th.

The following day, honorary guest, Václav Macek, director of the Central European House of Photography, will open  the Retrospective of Ján Kadár.

19.8 you can look forward to director Petr Zelenka, who will introduce his film Lost in Munich. First in Cinematheque in Tel Aviv and then in Jerusalem and Haifa.


The festival will take place in six Israeli cities. Tickets are available in each Cinematheque.

Tel Aviv - Cinematheque

Jerusalem - Cinematheque

Haifa - Cinematheque

Holon - Cinematheque

Herzlia - Cinematic

Sderot - Cinematheque


List of films:

 Eroticon - drama, psychological , directed by Gustav Machatý 

Joke – tradicomedy, directed by Jaromil Jireš

Skylarks on the string – comedy, directed by Jiří Menzel

Sitting on a Branch I Am Fine – drama, comedy,  directed by Juraj Jakubisko 

House at the Terminus- drama, narrative, psychological, directed by: Ján Kadár 

Three Wishes - comedy, satire directed by Ján Kadár, Elmar Klos

Death Is Called Engelchen – drama, directed by  Ján Kadár, Elmar Klos

The Shop on Main Street - tragicomedy , directed by Ján Kadár, Elmar Klos 

Loves of a Blonde – comedy, directed by Miloš Forman 

Talent Competition - music, short-story, directed by Miloš Forman

Ice Mother - directed by Bohdan Sláma

Lost in Munich - directed by Petr Zelenka

Desire named Anada – ballad, directed by Ján Kadár, Elmar Klos 


Thanks to our partners, Václav Havel Airport in Prague, Smartwings, Embassy of the Czech Republic, Embassy of the Slovak Republic, Cinematheque in Tel Aviv, Cinematheque in Jerusalem, Cinematheque in Haifa, Cinematheque in Holon, Cinematheque in Herzlia, Sderot Cinematheque, LuckyManFilms , The National Film Archive and The Slovak Film Institute, Tomáš Štěrba a Public Professional s.r.o.


Special thanks go to Joel Hájoš, for the translation of Kadar's films to Hebrew and to Tomáš Štěrba for an excellent trailer.