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Jiří Janků - Three Little Stones

We are happy to present you another story from our newest online literature project Stories in times of corona. In the past few weeks, we approached few prominent Czech authors and asked them to write exclusively for us a short story inspired by the current pandemic situation. This time we introduce you to the story Three Little Stones by Jiří Janků.



Jiří Janků



Jiřé Janků


Janků studied Czech language and history at the Faculty of Education in Ostrava (1990) and dramaturgy of dramatic theatre at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU, 1999). Already throughout his studies he worked as a dramaturge in Petr Bezruč Theatre and in 1994 he became one of the founders of the Theatre Association CD 94 (Divadelní sdružení CD 94). In the theatre association, he participated as a dramaturge but also as a playwright: “Cesta kolem světa” (1994), “V zajetí filmu” (together with P. Svojtka, 1997), “Tři mušketýři” (together with D. Hrbek, 1998), “Narozen 28. Října” (together with D. Hrbek a P. Svojtka, 1999), “Prokletí rodu Baskervillů aneb Pozor, zlý pes” (together with P. Svojtka, 2002). The audience had the opportunity to see plays based on his texts on festivals in many Europeans countries (France, Spain, Germany, England, Slovakia, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland). In 1996 he attended the prestigious summer theatre school in Royal Court Theatre in London. During 1997 – 2002 he worked as a dramaturge in Czech Television, where, among other things, he was preparing the program Smiles (“Úsměvy”) and an extensive documentary series on the history of intelligence services called Czechoslovakia in special services (“Československo ve zvláštních službách”). During 2002 – 2006 he worked as a dramaturge in Central Bohemian Theatre Kladno for which he wrote the plays “České Vánoce”, “Bedřich Smetana: The Greatest Hits” and “Hvězdné nebe nad Barrandovem”. From there he left together with his longtime companion, the director Petr Svojtka, and went to Prague City Theatres, where he worked between 2006 – 2018. Here again, he wrote several plays, most of them with Petr Svojtka and also mostly comedies (“Superčlověk”, “Viktor K.”, “Fialové Květy štěstí”, “V+W Revue”, “60´s aneb Šedesátky” and several others). Currently, he works as a dramaturge in F. X. Šalda Theatre in Liberec.





Download the short story here: