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Pavel Brycz - A Bench for Two

We are happy to present our newest online literature project Stories in times of corona. In the past few weeks, we approached few prominent Czech authors and asked them to write exclusively for us a short story inspired by the current pandemic situation. As the first story we present you A Bench for Two by Pavel Brycz.



Pavel Brycz



Pavel Brycz 

(*28. 7. 1968, Roudnice nad Labem)

Brycz is novelist, poet and screenwriter. He writes for an adult audience as well as for children. He also wrote two TV bedtime stories: “Dětský zvěřinec” (2008) and “Bílá paní na hlídání” (2013 and 2019). His magical novel “Svatý démon” (2009) is dedicated to the subject of the fake messiah from the 17th century from Galicia. In 2014, he published the novel “Muž bez ženy není člověkem”, that was also narrated for the Czech radio by Michal Isteník, an actor from the very popular TV series Most. In the same year, he introduced his legionary romanetto “Největší muž na světě”, a grotesque story based on the Czech legionaries in Russia. He is author of the very successful series of vampire comedies “Emil and the vampires” (Emil a upíři). The first book out of the series is called “Neboj se, vždyť máš česnek” (2018) and currently the fourth part of this series, “Česnek útočí, se vším zatočí“ (2020), is being introduced. The whole series is also being published as an audiobook narrated by the actor Kamil Halbich.

He is a laureate of the Jiří Orten Award from 1999 for the book “I, City” (Jsem Město), that tells the story of the city Most, the industrial Pompei destroyed due to coal mining. He was also awarded by Prix de Bohemia in 2005 for the radio comedy fairy tale with music “Neberte nám Ptáka Loskutáka” and the State Prize for Literature in 2004 for his novel “The Patriarchate of Long-Faded Glory” (Patriarchátu dávno zašlá sláva), the saga of an Ukrainian-German-Czech family in times of the 20th century. Moreover, he was awarded by the Golden Ribbon Award IBBY in 2011 for the children book “Bílá paní na hlídání”.

At the end of 2019, he took part in the European Literature Festival in Tokio, where he introduced Japanese translation of his book “Co si vyprávějí andělé? – fantasy všedního dne.”

For a long time now, he has been cooperating with the Czech radio as a screenwriter and also as a songwriter with the band Zdarr, composed of ex-members of the band Laura and her tigers. His pieces were translated into several languages.





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Special thanks to Mr. Jiří Slíva for illustrations