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Kristina Chrastekova - Orbital

The multi genre project Orbital made by young artist Kristina Chrastekova will be performed in Zadik.

Kristina Chrastekova is a young Slovak visual artist that brings to Israel a very specific project called Orbital. Orbital is a multigenre show composed by several short audiovisual performances accompanied by the reading of the own poetry.

Chrasteková has developed a unique style surprisingly utilizing high-resolution photographic technology, electrifying soundtrack and loose plot, enabling the spectator to inject his insights into it. The photography is so eloquent, that the images seem sharper than the human eye. Every shot has its distinct theme, composition, esthetic, and rhythm. The scenario is slow, Zen-like, stimulating the spectator to notice every wind-gust, flutter, gasp, snowflake settling on the ground.

The films’ soundtrack is composed of a reading of her poems, recordings of a desperate child leaving her busy mother messages marking daily events, room sounds conveying drama, growling, cries and whispers that it seems that behind the camera documenting a sublime landscape is located an animal with sharp hearing grasping events beyond what the eye sees.