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Mamas and Papas at the International Women's Film Festival in Rechovot

Czech film Mamas and Papas by Alice Nellis will be shown at the International Women's Film Festival in Rechovot (7.-13.11.2011).

The fates of four couples entwined in a critical moment of their lives, dealing with questions of planned, unplanned, desired or thwarted parenthood in simultaneously told, parallel stories. The films shows a woman thinking of putting her child up for adoption who believes money will solve her problems while the story of a bereaved doctor proves money isn't everything. Similarly, a couple that opted for abortion believe they're protecting their future while another couple tests their rocky relationship when adopting a child.

Director: Alice Nellis
Screenplay: Alice Nellis
Cast: Zuzana Bydžovská, Martha Issová, Fillip Čapka, Zuzana Čapková, Michal Čapka, Václav Jiráček, Zuzana Krónerová, Ivan Shvedoff, Natalja Volková
Cinematography: Matěj Cibulka, David Čalek
Editing: Petr Mrkous
Production: U.F.O. Pictures, Jefe Brown
Festivals: Vancouver, Montreal, Mumbai
Source: Wide Management

9/11, 19:15
12/11, 21:30

For more information and tickets: International Women’s Film Festival Rechovot