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MIR.theatre - Sputnik

Space adventure for one viewer. Author's production of Sputnik's adventurous spacecraft, the first artificial planet Earth.

Theater stage for one viewer and two actors. The viewer watches a 44 x 7 cm view through which the individual cassettes with different scenes alternate on the principle of film cut.

I let myself be taken to the orbit, to the universe and to the cold war apocalypse, and Sputnik, the poor man of the alone-traveling universe, was sorry for me all the time. Excellent Sound Component, Silent beeping that reminds the sad birds that flew out of the nest for the first time, told about the size of the universe and our insignificance in it. Sputnik beeps and beeps and meets the many important historical events of cosmonauts - travels around Lajka, Armstrong's conquest of the moon, flies and beeps. Great subject, cleanliness, precision and motility. The whole piece is played in a miniature 4x7 cm and the pidyloutets are still much smaller. At least Sputnik produces a snapshot of every audience. / Jarek Jurečka, Loutkář.cz, 7. 7. 2016

Performance for one viewer / 12 min / language barrier-free.


Partners: The Israel Festival, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Israel, Travel Service Smartwings

Tickets information: https://www.israel-festival.org/

The performance will take place at the Jerusalem Festival on the following dates:
31.5. from 16.00 to 20.00
1.6. from 10.00 to 14.00