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My Street Films

Every street has its story, not every street has its film. Make it!

My Street Films is a new project of the DAFilms.com online documentary portal. It invites members of the general public to make their own short video of a street or place they know well from their personal, professional or study life. In an innovative way, the project interconnects the fields of film education and civil life, serving as an untraditional source of presentation of Czech cities and their inhabitants abroad.

What are the invisible stories of people we meet in “our“ street every day? What is the rhythm of a place we always hurry through, without ever stopping for a while? What secrets do the silent observers of the city; buildings, parks, forgotten secluded places; keep away from us?

My Street Films is initiated in collaboration with UK documentary festival Open City Docs Fest. This is where the challenge to explore both known and unknown streets through the film medium started, now going abroad for the first time via the DAFilms.com portal. You can find the british version of the project on the website www.mystreetfilms.com.