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OK-TGM landed in Israel.

Roman Kramařík is to be the first Czech person to do a solo flight across the Globe in cessna and 26.-29.7.2018 he is stopping in Israel to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Israel and 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia. He carry with him names of kids from children from shelters. His visit in Israel is organized by Czech Centre with support of Embassy of Czech Republic.

Roman Kramařík, a Czech pilot, has decided to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia in a special way – he will travel on his own in his small plane across the globe. The journey starts in the Czech republic, the first stop is in Belgrade (Serbia) and the second one is in Haifa, Israel at 22pm where he will be met by the a representative of the Czech Centre in Tel Aviv. By stopping in Israel, Roman intends to honour the warm relationships between the Czech republic and the state of Israel and symbolically celebrate the anniversaries of both countries. 

Czech republic and Israel have historically had outstanding relations, the first Czechoslovak president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk even visited the Holy Land in the 1920s and supported the ambition of the Jewish people to have their own country. The plane that Roman will be flying with actually carries the initials of Masaryk – it’s called OK-TGM. While in Israel, Roman will meet with Avraham Harshalom, a pilot veteran from the Israeli Indepedence war in 1948 that was trained with other young Jewish men in Czechoslovakia as a part of the help that Czechoslovakia provided to the state of Israel in its initial stage of existence. On 27.7 Roman will visit Kfar Masaryk to meet with locals.

The mission is partly funded through crowd-funding platforms. Donors had the opportunity to donate their money in the name of a children shelter home of their choosing and the children of the selected shelter homes were then asked to draw a picture. In exchange for the pictures, Roman will be flying with the names of the children written on his plane.

After concluding his trip to Israel, Roman will continue to Jordan and then to India, Thailand, Tai-wan, Japan, Pacific Ocean, the USA, Azorean Islands, the Great Britain and back to the Czech republic. He will cross 3 continents and 3 oceans and spend almost 200 hours in the cockpit.