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Václav Havel Square in Haifa

29-06 I A square in Haifa will bear the name of the late Czech president Václav Havel. The ceremony will be held in the presence of Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic Daniel Herman, Ambassador...


An Evening in Prague

16-07 I Czech Centre and Czech Embassy are inviting you to a concert of The Tel-Aviv University Student Body Wind Band “An Evening in Prague” with music by Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana, Zdeněk...


Gertler String Quartet

24-06 I Czech Centre in Tel Aviv invites you to a concert of the Gertler String Quartet.


Premysl Pitter: Righteous Among the Nations

22-06 - 31-08 I On the occasion of 120th anniversary of birth of Czech educator and humanist Premysl Pitter you can see an exhibition in the Gallery On the Fence. The exhibition will show photographs...


Josefina Bakosova presents her collection at Tel Aviv White Night

25-06 I On the occasion of the annual Tel Aviv White Night Czech Centre brings designer and creative directress of Harddecore Gallery in Prague, Josefina Bakosova who will prepare light installation...


Haifa International Film Festival

The Festival presents new films, both features and documentaries, from more than 40 countries. The Czech representative at the Haifa IFF for 2014 will be the newest movie by Viktor Tauš "Clownwise".

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