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The film Beclouded Democracy at the International Film Festival in Ashkelon

Czech film Beclouded Democracy will be shown at the International Film Festival Jewish Eye in Ashkelon at the presence of the film director Oliver Malina Morgenstern and the producer Oldrich Stransky.

In Pilsen, Czech Republic, a crowd of neo-Nazis is marching in front of a big synagogue and yell out their insolences: “HERE WE ARE AGAIN”, “JEWS INTO THE GAS” and heil. In other parts of the Czech Republic the situation is very similar, especially at neo-Nazis concerts which are organized at the occasion of various anniversaries of Nazi leaders or transports of Romany or Jewish population into concentration camps. As if that wouldn’t be enough, all of that is authorized by judicial decision! Footslog of right wing radicals – according to the democratic constitution - is not to be forbidden!

This documentary investigation into Czech neo-Nazis looks at examples of their rampages, including the arson attack in Vítkov. Through interviews with experts, journalists and those who remember the Holocaust it shows the danger they pose to democracy.

For more information and tickets: Jewish Eye Film Festival