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10 Gems Of Classic European Cinema Screening In Israel

The Culture Trip.com | 20 January 2016

Already in its fourth year, Another Look – The Restored European Film Project lets Israeli audiences catch some real gems of classic cinema. This year’s program includes 10 films, which will be shown at the Cinematheques in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Holon, and Herzliya during the months of January-February, 2016. As in previous editions, the 2016 selection is centered on a theme. Titled Role Play: Femininity and Masculinity on Film, this thematic focus binds the program’s films around what they say about the relationship between traditional gender roles and greater political, cultural, and economic forces. The purpose here, however, is not only to discuss historical European definitions of what conventionally constitutes ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’, but to locate in them, at least in part, the roots of contemporary Israeli gender roles. As such, Another Look 2016″provides its audience with a unique vantage point for questioning what attributes and attitudes are associated with masculinity and femininity in Israeli society today.

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