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14 Jan 2020 - 30 Apr 2020

10 Stars

Czech Centre Tel Aviv cordially invites you to the photography exhibition 10 Stars it the "Gallery On The Fence". The exhibition displays restored Jewish monuments in Czech Republic.


10 synagogues, 10 towns, 10 stars on the map of the Czech Republic

The rescue, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of Jewish monuments is a major task pursued by the Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic as the umbrella institution of Czech Jews. Despite the damage sustained by all these monuments during the Nazi occupation and communist totalitarian regime, when much of this heritage ceased to exist, a total of more than sixty synagogues, three hundred and fifty cemeteries and a number of other properties (rabbinical houses, mikvahs and Jewish schools) represents a unique historical treasure, which presumably has no equal in Europe.

The Revitalisation of Jewish Monuments project was completed in June 2014 thanks to financial support from the European Regional Development Fund. Under this project, 10 restored synagogues and 3 adjacent rabbinical houses, 1 shammes’ house and 1 Jewish school were opened and made accessible to the public. This gave rise to a network of regional centres of Jewish culture and history located at 10 sites in seven regions. These sites were transformed into monuments of unique Jewish cultural heritage in the Czech Republic and are used by the Federation of Jewish Communities together with its partner institutions and organisations as venues for concerts, lectures, short-term travelling exhibitions and theatre performances with Jewish themes.

In 2018, the project became a part of the European Route of Jewish Heritage.








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From: 14 Jan 2020
To: 30 Apr 2020


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