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12 Jan 2017 - 22 Jan 2017

Adelheid at Another Look - Restored European Film Project

Traditionally, Czech Centre Tel Aviv participates at Another Look - Restored European Film Project. Theme of already fifth edition will be Magnicifent Obsession and the Czech Republic will be represented by the first colored film by Frantisek Vlacil - Adelheid - a psychological drama about love that does not need words, an intimate portrait of relationship deformed by World War II presents remarkably lethargic acting and ultimately cheerless atmosphere.


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Drama / Psychological / War film
1969 | Czechoslovakia | 99 min

Director: František Vláčil
Music: Zdeněk Liška
Costumes: Theodor Pištěk
Screenwriters: František Vláčil, Vladimír Körner


Shortly after the end of World War II, Viktor, a discharged airman, takes possession of a country estate in the Sudetenland, which was previously owned by a German Nazi sympathizer. There he meets Adelheid, the proprietor’s daughter, who was left to care for the house while her father is in prison. Isolated from the world, the two grow closer, and more intimate. Yet what for Viktor is clearly love may for Adleheid be a matter of survival. Silent and secretive, he does not know what her intentions are, until it is too late.

The first color film by famed director František Vláčil (“Marketa Lazarova”), “Adelheid” is remembered today mostly for the controversy it caused in its portrayal of Czech mistreatment of Germans in postwar Sudetenland. Yet the true driving force of its plot seems less to do with making radical historical statements as with exploring the vicissitudes of romantic, obsessive love. To this end, Vláčil shapes love along its customary portrayal within the post-romantic tradition of Czech Decadence: as a primarily masculine affair, where woman is the silent recipient of affection, as well as the cause of man’s ultimate undoing. This tradition, however, is not wholeheartedly affirmed in the film but rather subtly challenged. For the housemaid’s silence seems too persistent to be just an invitation for romance, and can also conceivably be read as a coping mechanism, a product of her relative powerlessness as a prisoner in Viktor’s home. Such ambiguities in Adelheid’s seemingly passive posture make it impossible to neatly incorporate her into a romantic myth. Instead, they prompt the spectator to question the meaning of “falling in love”, revealing in the process this activity’s obsessive and possessive dimensions.






Another Look - Restored European Film Project is a festival which pays tribute to the endeavors of film archives across Europe, whose responsibility is to protect the audiovisual heritage of their respective countries.

Titled "Magnificent Obsession", the 2017 theme speaks to the continued presence of extreme passionate attachments in our everyday lives. The selected films, when seen through this thematic focus, bring to our awareness questions that have long been related to the topic of obsession: When does passion become madness? When does insanity become norm? Which sacrifices are justified in the realization of our desires and dreams, and which are inherently detrimental? The responses presented herein, though shaped through a European idiom, may not strike Israeli audiences as too foreign, consequently proving the existence of a cultural, and emotional, common ground.


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Cinematheques Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Holon, Herzliya


From: 12 Jan 2017
To: 22 Jan 2017


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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