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14 Nov 2019 - 23 Nov 2019

Arava International Film Festival

The Arava International Film Festival is a unique event, which takes place each November in the heart of the Ashush natural reserve, next to the community of Zuqim. This year's edition of the festival – the seventh in number – will take place November 14th -23th. Films will be screened in the evenings under the open, starry skies.



Miloš Forman Tribute

During the festival 2 movies from the legendary director Miloš Forman will be screened:

Loves of a Blonde


85 Min  | Subtitles in Hebrew, English

A witty, clever and touching comedy, which, in the spirit of the Czech New Wave, did its best to offer as authentic and realistic a picture of all its characters as possible. Based on an incident he remembered from his youth, Forman's film follows the attempt of a pretty young woman, Andula, to find some romance in what is otherwise a dreary, unspectacular life. Employed by a shoe factory where women workers outnumber men 16 to 1, she looks forward, as all her friends do, to the party organized by the factory management, where they will meet with the soldiers of a nearby regiment, invited for maneuvers in the city. But the partyis a fiasco, replete with the embarrassing incidents, Forman was a master at portraying, leaving no room for romance. Instead, Andula falls for the charms of the pianist playing at the party.She spends the night with him and believes he meant it when he invited her to visit him in Prague, whenever she happens to be there. Forman has the camera follow Andula as if this was a documentary about her.Keen on offering a true portrait of Czech working class reality, Forman insisted on using only amateur actors and shot the film in a small provincial town, whose main employer was, indeed, a shoe factory. The film was invited to the Cannes Film Festival and, later, was nominated for the Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Foreign Filmin 1968.

Director and Screenplay: Miloš Forman

Courtesy by:Czech National Film Archive

Loves of a Blonde

Arava Festival program



Taking off

USA 1971

93 Min  | Subtitles in Hebrew, English

Forman's first American film resembles his Czech body of work more than his later US filmography. but his acute sense for catching his characters unawares and revealing all their humor and pain, with enormous sympathy, has remained unchanged. A genial blend of irony and pathos reigns over this collage of portraits of America in the early seventies, and maybe the light, unceremonious humor of the script and its direction gained the film so many favorable reviews, while getting a cool reception from the general American audience, which did not seem to relish the way the newcomer portrayed them in his film. The trigger character of the film, Jeanny Tyne, is an adolescent girl who has had enough of her parents and takes off, therefore the title. However, instead of following her, Forman prefers to focus on her parents, Lynn (Lynna Carlin) and Larry (Buck Henry) who go out to look for her, and find out they are not alone in their predicament, as they meet more parents looking for their runaway kids, join a meeting of the "Society for Parents of Lost Children" (SPLC) and, relieved temporarily of the critical eye of their children, show they can behave as irresponsibly as they imagine their kids do. Less of a coherent plot and more a series of brilliant sketches, commenting on each other, once they are put together, they offer a delightful image of middleclass America in the 70s. "Taking Off" was awarded the prestigious Grand Prix du Jury at the Cannes Film Festival, 1971.

Director and Screenplay: Miloš Forman

Courtesy by: Park Circus

Arava Festival program



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