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24 Aug 2017 19:00 - 21:00

The Way Out

Žaneta wants her young daughter to receive an education, she hankers after peaceful summer holidays and hopes that her partner David will stop looking at other women. You can sort certain things out behind closed doors, but when they treat you with contempt because you’re a Romany woman, there’s nothing you can do about it.


Young Romany Žaneta lives in a prefab housing block with her partner David, their daughter, and Žaneta’s younger sister. Her mother died years ago and her destitute father is unlikely to find another job after ten years without work. The young couple hope to find employment themselves, but their options are limited, as are the intellectual horizons of the personnel at the local authorities. Without resorting to idealisation or gratuitous sensationalism, the film examines issues of social exclusion, presenting numerous contexts of which stereotypical or outright racist individuals know nothing. This is the story of a strong woman who is quite capable of looking after herself and her family, nevertheless, her unenviable situation is exacerbated by a neverending series of obstacles. This sober look at the protagonists’ predicament gives us an insight into the current social climate while also touching upon universal issues. Where do the limits of ordinary human support and solidarity begin and end? The Way Out  was the first Czech film to be screened at Cannes in sixteen years.

Petr Václav (b. 1967, Prague) is regarded as one of the biggest Czech filmmaking talents post-1989. He studied documentary film at FAMU, working with cameraman Štěpán Kučera while still a student. Of his college films, the documentary Mme Le Murie (Paní Le Murie, 1993) made the greatest impact, which he followed up with two films for the TV series "The Eye” ("Oko”). His feature film debut Marian (1996) was awarded at the Locarno IFF, and the Rotterdam fest screened the anthology Prague Stories (Praha očima…, 1999), to which he contributed. His second feature, Parallel Worlds (Paralelní světy, 2001), a coproduction with French partners, also toured the festival circuit. He has been living in France since 2003, where he has made documentaries for Arte. In addition to working on various unfinished scripts, he is planning a film about composer Josef Mysliveček.

Director:  Petr Václav
Screenplay: Petr Václav
Dir. of Photography:  Štěpán Kučera
Editor:  Florent Mangeot
Producer: Jan Macola, Miloš Lochman, Karel Chvojka
Production: moloko film
Coproduction: Česká televize / Kateřina Ondřejková, Cinéma Defacto / Tom Dercourt, Sophie Erbs
Cast:  Klaudia Dudová, David Ištok, Natálie Hlaváčová, Mária Ferencová-Zajacová, Milan Cifra


Czech Republic / France
2014, 103 min
Czech with English and Hebrew subtitles

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24 Aug 2017 19:00 - 21:00


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