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20 Feb 2015 - 21 Feb 2015

Clarinet Factory at the Red Sea Jazz Festival

The Czech quartet Clarinet Factory will perform in the winter addition of the international jazz festival in Eilat and present their "music without boundaries". Thirteen groups from Israel and abroad will hold 19 musical performances this year. Traditional jam sessions will be integrated into the current festival, too. Partners: Red Sea Jazz Festival.

Three Clarinets and a bass clarinet form this prolific Czech ensemble, performing together for over a decade and with six albums released over that period. Those who were thinking about the clarinet as an instrument for klezmer music only, think again. The Clarinet Factory presents diverse repertoire including classical, jazz, ethnic, electronic, contemporary, funk and rock music.

They first met each other in the early 90s, and that is when they discovered the magical sound of four clarinets, soothing and caressing, condensed yet surprisingly agile and playful. Together they have selected their favorite musical pieces from different geographic areas and styles creating what they describe as “music without boundaries.” They consider their work as a music laboratory spiced up with some clarinet art, classic musical training, and a touch of world music, jazz and minimalism, added by the desire to improvise, and the latest technology. This is completed when guests are invited to further explore and create and above all communicate with the listeners.

Their interdisciplinary approach has led them to participate in many exciting artistic projects. Alongside their performances around the world and in festivals they have collaborated with symphonic ensembles, television productions, vocalists and performance artists, and composed scores for the theatre, cinema and the ballet. They were also invited to perform with Bobby McFerrin and received global attention after winning the International Songwriting Competition in Nashville, overcoming 15,000 participants from 80 countries and impressing judges such as Tom Waits, Jerry Lee Lewis and Robert Smith.

Their current goal is accurately summarized in the words of Clarinet Factory member, Jindrich Pavlis: “Formerly we played clarinets and composed music; now we are doing more improvisations, composing, playing other instruments and singing. We want to be an ensemble which has something to say. Not a museum!”

Jindřich Pavliš - Clarinet
Luděk Boura - Clarinet
Vojtěch Nýdl - Clarinet, Vocal
Petr Valášek - Bass Clarinet

Concert Dates:

Friday, 20 February 2015 at 9:45 p.m., at the Isrotel Theater Royal Garden Hotel

Saturday, 21 February 2015 at 4 p.m., at the Isrotel Theater Royal Garden Hotel





From: 20 Feb 2015
To: 21 Feb 2015


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