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1 May 2016 - 13 Jul 2016

Discovered: Czech Dance Platform through the lens of Vojtech Brtnicky

The exhibition is on display in the outdoor Gallery on the Fence, 23 Zeitlin, Tel Aviv till 13th of July 2016.


Czech Centre Tel Aviv promotes Czech art and culture in Israel. Contemporary dance belongs among its main fields of interest. In this exhibition we present the best of Czech dance scene through the lens of Vojtěch Brtnický, one of the most talented Czech dance photographers. Some of the artists or dance companies portrayed in this series have visited Israel, so local audiences already had a chance to acquaint themselves with Spitfire Company, VerteDance, NANOHACH or the co-production Dogtown. Art director of the leading Czech dance festival Tanec Praha regularly attends the International Dance Exposures in Israel, and Czech Centre Tel Aviv in turn supports Israeli presence at the Czech Dance Platform. We are looking forward to seeing more performances and co-productions in both countries.

About artist

Vojtěch Brtnický (CZ) studied photography at a technical secondary school in Jihlava and continued his studies in photography after graduating. He focuses on reportage photography, theatre photography, and, exceptionally, staged photographs. His work has already taken him to Mexico, South Korea, Lapland, Macedonia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, etc. In cooperation with the Arts and Theatre Institute prepared a large format exhibition “Only Good Light” (2013) focused on contemporary dance. He has held several exhibitions and contributed, to a large number of others. For seven years he has been the official photographer of the Tanec Praha Festival and Czech Dance Platform.


„We work in terms of reality, not of fiction, and must therefore discover, not fabricate.“

          Henri Cartier-Bresson

“I believe photography is most powerful when imaging untouched reality. And therefore difference between „discovered“ and „fabricated“, as Henri Cartier-Bresson mention it, is completely essential. Also because I’am unable to fabricate. I can only adapt.”

Vojtěch Brtnický


Zeitlin Street 23
6495518 Tel Aviv


From: 1 May 2016
To: 13 Jul 2016


Czech Centre

Date 11 Dec 2015 14:50:00

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