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22 Sep 2018 - 1 Oct 2018

34th Haifa Film Festival

From 22.9 to 1.10.2018, the 34th edition of the Film Festival will held in Haifa, including Czechoslovak Film Days. The event is organized by the Czech Center in Tel Aviv in cooperation with the Embassy of the Czech Republic and the Embassy of the Slovak Republic.

As part of the International Film Festival and the Czechoslovak Film Days, when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia, the Czech film Winter Flies and The Interpreter will be screened, starring by Jiri Menzel. The evening 24th September will be opened by director Martin Šulík. We will welcome honored guest, the wife of Jiří Menzel, Olga Menzel who, on his behalf, will recieve the Lifetime Achievement Award.


The Interpreter by Martin Šulík

80-year-old interpreter Ali Ungár travels to Vienna in search of the former Nazi officer who might have executed his parents. He finds only his son Georg, a bon vivant retiree who has distanced himself from his father’s past. But Ali’s visit awakens his interest, and the two men take off on a journey across Slovakia in search of surviving witnesses of the wartime tragedy.The heart of Martin Šulík’s bittersweet road movie is the superb chemistry between Peter Simonischek and Jiri Menzel (director of “Closely Watched Trains”).

24th September   20:00 The Japanese Museum of Art, Raphael Auditorium, 89 Hanassi Ave, Haifa. Tel. 04-838355 (director in attendance)



Winter Flies by Olmo Omerzu

Mischievously self-assured Mára and somewhat eccentric Heduš set out into the frozen wastes in search of adventure – by car, naturally. After all, Mára’s turning fifteen soon. A road movie about the flies that occasionally buzz around even in winter, and a story – before it ends at the police station – that tells of the elusive bond of boyhood friendship and the irrepressible desire to experience something, even if you don't exactly know what.

25th September 14:30 Kriger Center for the Performing Arts, 6 Eliahu Hackim St.,Haifa. Tel. 04-8598012 (actress in attendance)

28th September   16:15 Kriger Center for the Performing Arts, 6 Eliahu Hackim St., Haifa. Tel. 04-8598012





Cinematheque Haifa

From: 22 Sep 2018
To: 1 Oct 2018


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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