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9 Oct 2014 - 18 Oct 2014

Haifa International Film Festival

The newest czech movie by Viktor Tauš "Clownwise" will be part of the 30th International Film Festival Haifa. Partners: IFF Haifa, Magistrate of the City of Haifa, The Embassy of Czech republic in Tel Aviv

The Haifa IFF, the leading cinematic event in Israel, was founded in 1983 as the first international film festival in the country. Growing steadily in both the number of screenings and attendance, The Haifa IFF has earned a world-wide reputation for both the quality of its program and the friendly atmosphere.

The Czech representative at the Haifa IFF for 2014 will be the newest movie by Viktor Tauš "Clownwise"

At the beginning of their careers Oskar, Max and Viktor created a superstar clown trio called The Busters. Their clownery personified little islands of freedom in the midst of a motionless swamp of resignation during the communist regime of the former Czechoslovakia. An explosive disagreement, however, led to the three clowns breaking up. As it turns out, the clowns, beloved by the nation, can’t stand each other. Now, after thirty years in exile, Oskar returns to end his artistic career in Prague. The meeting with his former friends leads to an unavoidable confrontation. Will the glimmer of the former sunshine days create a spark that will set them on fire again? Even after all this time the question remains the same: who will have the last laugh?in? Even after all this time the question remains the same: who will have the last laugh?

The Haifa IFF is held on the beautiful Mount Carmel, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The festival brings together each year an ever-growing audience along with hundreds of Israeli and foreign professionals from the film and television industries and offers 280 screenings of new films from around the world, including 70 Israeli productions. 300,000 people in total take part in the activities of the Festival, including the outdoor events, screenings, workshops and more, and dozens of journalists from both the print and broadcast media, from Israel and abroad, cover the event.

The Festival presents new films, both features and documentaries, from more than 40 countries. These screenings are attended by international guests, filmmakers, producers and actors, that meet with the audience and the Israeli film industry. 

Festival Information:

04-6339424; 04-8103471


Festival Centrum:

 The Ruth & Bruce Rappaport, Art and Culture Center
Information: 04-6339424

Screening Halls:

Haifa Auditorium, 138 Hanassi Ave.
Haifa Cinematheque, 142 Hanassi Ave.
New Rappaport Hall, 142 Hanassi Ave.
The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Auditorium Raphael, 89 Hanassi Ave.
The Kriger Center for the Performing Arts, 6 Eliahu Hackim St. Carmel Zarfati

Ticket prices:

Single ticket: 42 NIS
Soldiers/Senior Citizens/Students/Handicapped: 37 NIS
Subscription 8+2 free: 336 NIS

The Ruth & Bruce Rappaport, Art and Culture Center, Hanassi Ave., Haifa

From: 9 Oct 2014
To: 18 Oct 2014


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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