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2 Jun 2015

Q&A screening of The Holy Quaternity with director Jan Hřebejk

One of the most successful Czech film directors, Jan Hřebejk, is coming to Israel. In Haifa, he will present his film “The Holy Quaternity” from 2012. There will be a Q&A following the screening.


Jan Hřebejk, born in 1967 in Prague, is Czech director and writer. Studied at the Prague Film School FAMU in 1987-1991, he made his feature debut 'Big Beat' in 1993, according to a script by Petr Jarchovský, which was well received by both film critics and audiences and won the Czech Lion for Best Film and Best Director. In the late 1990s Hřebejk and Jarchovský put their creative forces together with Ondřej Trojan's film production company Total HelpArt. Hřebejk's second film 'Cosy Dens' (WFF 1999) was a Czech mega box-office hit and won the Czech Lion for Best Director. His next project, 'Divided We Fall' (WFF 2000), received an Oscar nomination. 'Pupendo' (WFF 2003) was also very successful at the box office, while 'Up and Down' (WFF 2004) was another Czech Lion winner. Hřebejk also directs music videos, commercials, and documentaries as well as stage plays.


The Hole Quaternity

Two electricians, Ondra and Vitek, are given the chance to go and work on a Caribbean island where a hurricane has destroyed the power lines. The men are friends and neighbours, and they and their families live in total harmony. Their wives are fond of each other, and Ondra's adolescent sons are going out with Vitek's adolescent daughters. In short, they share an idyllic existence that is only undermined by one thing - their dull sex lives. So when destiny throws down the gauntlet in the form of a work assignment abroad, they accept the challenge and invite their wives along to the Caribbean. And it is there, in an exotic paradise, that they hatch a plan that will change their lives forever. Scriptwriter Michal Viewegh: "If you want to know more, go and see the film. Jan Hrebejk and I promised ourselves we'd make a romantic comedy - and this is a romantic comedy. A slightly immoral one"…









The Holy Quaternity

Czech Republic, 2012, 78 min

Director: Jan Hřebejk

Screenwriter: Michal Viewegh

Director of Photography: Martin Šácha

Music: Ondřej Galuška, Ondřej Kopička

Starring: Jiří Langmajer, Marika Procházková, Hynek Čermák, Viktorie Čermáková, Luděk Munzar









Partners: Cinematheque Haifa

Cinemateque Haifa, Sderot Hanasi 142, Haifa

2 Jun 2015


Czech Centre

Date 16 Mar 2015 02:08:00

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