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23 Jul 2019 - 25 Jul 2019

International Fringe Festival Beer-Sheva

The Fringe Festival, as one of the biggest cultural events in the South of Israel, brings theatre, dance, music and street art performances to Beer Sheva's Old City. This year the Czech Centre is bringing an interactive nonverbal performance for children and workshops Star Rovers.performerd by the theater group Fysioart .



interactive nonverbal performance for children 3+ and workshops

What do you wish for when you see a star fall?

Let's go together to find it.

An adventure story for all children and their parents about a journey to find the place of dreams. The Star Rovers is about all those who have found courage and are not afraid to walk despite the obstacles. The Star Rovers is an interactive theatre performance about the power of friendship and the need to find one's place on Earth.

What is your favourite place on Earth? Come with us on a mysterious journey where no one is alone. Imagine a forest footpath, a sidewalk covered with autumn leaves; an ocean reef, a pond among ferns, a city street, a highway, a turbulent sea, a trackless desert, a mountain dawn or a quiet field at night. Do you have a dream but you do not know the way? The wanderer may know. Put on your shoes, the time to go has come.







Author and director: Hana Strejčková

is a theatre director, dramaturgist, publicist and writer, a social and health service worker. I graduated from the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and from the International Theatre School Jacques Lecoq in Paris: the physical theatre and experimental scenography. I work in the fields of theatre, art education and art therapy. In professional art I focus on physical and object theatre and socially important topics. I am co-founder of non-profit organisation FysioART and a member of the company 104Interantionale. I also lead the workshops of physical theatre, give supervision to young theatre makers, direct authorial theatre and writing articles about new circus, dance. I published two books, the first for children about home and the second for youth and adults about history in our memories.

Cast: Eva Stará, Karolína Křížková, Andrea Benková, Andrej Lyga, Filip Novák, Anna Strejčková, Hana Strejčková, Anna Strejčková

For more information: www.fysioart.cz or www.poutnici-po-hvezdach.webnode.cz

Teaser for the performance

Festival Fringe


When: 24.07.2019 at 16:30

Where: Youth Center, Herzl st.12, Beer Sheva ( חניון מרכז צעירים במה 1 )






Beer Sheva

From: 23 Jul 2019
To: 25 Jul 2019


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

Date 25 Jul 2019 10:25:00

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