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23 Oct 2018 - 24 Oct 2018


On 23rd October and 24th October Tel Aviv Theater Habima hosts the Czech Theater, Kabaret Velázquez. The event is organized by Czech Center Tel Aviv in a cooperation with Embassy of the Czech Republic.


"An original, inventive, intelligent and entertaining performance.''

Adriana Světlíková, Director of the Malá inventura Festival, Prague and Nová síť Cultural Network, Czech Republic

A dreamlike, visually stimulating dance theatre of the macabre, inspired by the works of painter Diego Velázquez, in which both finely tuned and playful images intertwine with bizarre situations on stage. A collaboration between a Czech creator of atmospheric mood, an experienced Canadian musician from the alternative scene, a renowned Israeli/French gamba player and three highly expressive performers from contrasting fields.


Concept, direction, lighting and sound design: Jan Komárek

Music: Rainer Wiens

Viola da gamba: Nima Ben David

Performers: Irina Andreeva, Andrea Miltnerová, Patricie Poráková

Costumes, Curtain operator: Lenka Kucháreková


Produced by: AM&C

Photographer: Kryštof Kalina


The performance was realised thanks to the financial support of the Czech Ministry of Culture, the Czech State Cultural Fund, the Prague 1 City District and the Archa Theatre, Prague.


"As the audience, you feel that Kabaret Velázquez takes you to another world, to a realm of dreams and other realities, where some images disturb, even terrify, and others please the eye and delight your senses. With the uncovering of each curtain layer, you plunge into the depths of the unconscious and allow the scenes to work on you."

Daniela Machová, Dance News





Habima Theater, Tarsat Ave 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo


From: 23 Oct 2018
To: 24 Oct 2018


Czech Centre

Date 24 Aug 2018 11:46:00

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