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15 Oct 2016 - 24 Oct 2016

Czech films at the International Film Festival in Haifa

Already 32nd edition of the International Film Festival in Haifa will host five Czech films this year - The Teacher by Jan Hrebejk, Mallory by Helena Trestikova and I, Olga Hepnarova by Tomas Weinreb and Petr Kazda. From Czech restored classics the Festival chose Closely Watched Trains by Jiri Menzel and Firemen's Ball by Milos Forman. Film director Jan Hrebejk and actress Zuzana Maurery will be in attendance.


The 32nd Haifa International Film Festival, artistically directed by Pnina Blayer, will take place between 15. - 24. 10. 2016. The Haifa International Film Festival was established in 1983 and became the first of its kind in Israel. This is a major, important and reputable international event in the cinematic field. The festival attracts some 400,000 visitors, who attend 280 screenings of new films from all over the world, 70 of which are Israeli, from all genres, presented by their creators. About 300 guests from the national and international industry are hosted by the festival. These festival guests meet the audience and colleagues in talks between screenings, receptions in the festival garden, masterclass workshops and international conventions. The festival makes sure to promote ideas like pluralism, co-existence and peace.














The Teacher 

 Director: Jan Hřebejk, Czech Republic & Slovakia 2016, 102 minutes, Czech & Slovak, Subtitles in Hebrew

17.10.16, 12:00, Kriger Hall
22.10.16, 19:30, Kriger Hall, followed by Q&A with the movie director and lead actress

Bratislava, 1983. In the local elementary school a group of parents meet in secret with the principal. They are revolted by the conduct of a school teacher. Mrs Drazdechova initially seems to be a kindly, well-meaning and sympathetic person. She is, however, milking her position for all it is worth. Winner of the Best Actress Award at the 2016 Karlovy Vary Festival, The Teacher is a comic moral drama with dry, dark Czech humor.

















I, Olga Hepnarova

 Directors: Tomas Weinreb, Petr Kazda, Czech Republic 2016, 105 minutes, Subtitles in Hebrew & English

16.10.16, 19:15, Cinematheque Hall
23.10.16, 15:00, Tikotin Hall

Olga Hepnarova was a young, lonely lesbian outsider from a cold-hearted family who couldn’t play the part society desired of her. Her paranoid self-examination and inability to connect with other people eventually drove her over the edge of humanity when she was only twenty-two years old. Austere, meticulously composed and shot in light-infused black-and-white I, Olga Hepnarova looks at the life of the last woman to be hanged in the former Czechoslovakia in 1975, at the age of 22. 


















Director: Helena Trestikova, Czech Republic 2015, 101 minutes, Subtitles in Hebrew & English

20.10.16, 13:30, Kriger Hall      
24.10.16, 18:00, Cinematheque Hal

Facing homelessness, depression, drug addiction and a son in state care, Mallory struggles to survive in the unforgiving streets of Prague. The odds may be severely stacked against her, but Mallory is a true force of intelligence, resilience and tenacity that never falters. Filmed over 13 years, internationally renowned documentarian Helena Trestikova’s Mallory offers an empathic and gritty journey into the life of a captivating protagonist.














The Firemen's Ball

Director: Miloš Forman Czechoslovakia 1967 73 minutes Subtitles in Hebrew & English
Restored Digital Copy

23.10.16, 14:15, Kriger Hall

A milestone of the Czech New Wave, The Firemen’s Ball is both a dazzling comedy and a provocative political satire. A hilarious saga of good intentions confounded, the story chronicles a firemen’s ball where nothing goes right. The film was “banned forever” in Czechoslovakia following the Russian invasion and prompted Forman’s move to America. 
















Closely Watched Trains 

Director: Jiri Menzel, Czechoslovakia 1966, 93 minutes, Subtitles in Hebrew & English
Restored Digital Copy

16.10.16, 13:45, Kriger Hall

At a village railway station in occupied Czechoslovakia, a bumbling dispatcher’s apprentice longs to liberate himself from his virginity. Oblivious to the war, this young man embarks on a journey of sexual awakening and self-discovery. Academy Award-winning Closely Watched Trains is a masterpiece of human observation and one of the best-loved films of the Czech New Wave.



















Haifa - Kriger Hall, Cinematheque Hall, Tikotin Hall

From: 15 Oct 2016
To: 24 Oct 2016


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