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21 Jun 2017 - 24 Jun 2017

Microbphone at the Print Screen Festival 2017

Print Screen 2017 will focus on the connection between biology, art and digital technology under the title: "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral". Czech Centre Tel Aviv will present Microbphone - conceptual musical instrument consisting of microbes, impromptu assembled circuit boards, and live music instruments.

The festival will expose artists that are engaging with the groundbreaking scientific practices and themes of gene-engineering, adaptive systems, collective behavior, biomimicry, artificial intelligence, robotics and artificial life, and whose artworks raise questions on ecology, humanism/post-humanism, and non-human subjectivity.  We aim to build a bridge between science, arts, and world's cultures which we hope will result in a 2017 edition which is educational, thought-provoking and entertaining at the same time.


Microbphone: Fermented Sonic Dialogues

There are more bacteria cells in human body than our own and we are a walking meta-organism full of foreign DNA. Unknown to most, these inner microbes are eager to communicate with us, in ways that can be surprising. The Microbphone, developed by Czech natives, mantracore band Alaverdi, and researchers from Michigan and Singapore, is an unusual freestyle sonic interaction of people, their inner microbes and those in fermented foods, capturing corporal sonic manifestations of this grand microscopic dance. Come and taste some ferments, bring your own if you want, record your sonic interactions and engage in a genuinely intercultural dialogue - i.e. inter bacteria cultures. Learn how to ferment food yourself and have some fun.

Marek Svoboda 

Marek is the guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for Alaverdi - the wickedest Lithuanian mantracore band from Prague. Their current fourth album is aptly titled In Fermentation, sold on beech chopping boards, and the band has recently launched their own brand of perfume called Aromaverdi (the Smell of Yoga). Marek is a compostist and fermenter and has coauthored other strange workshops such as experimental incantation of bread leaven. He formerly worked as director of human rights at the Czech NGO People in Need and currently is the director of programs at the Prague-based NGO CEELI Institute, focused on advancing the rule of law.  

Vojta Kalina

Vojta is a non-traditional bagpiper. His bagpiping career started in purpose for his own punkrock band Pipes and Pints which is a wild act touring intensely Europe stages in last 10 years. He is using his bagpipes rather as a second guitar or backup for vocals, than usual folky sounds of bands that are using this ancient instrument. Occasionally he is co-staring with local DJs creating new sounds and other interesting or weird projects. He is joining Microbphone for this special occasion to push limits of fermented disco sounds forward.

Highland Bagpipes and fermented food on the highway to Tel Aviv!



Mediatheque Holon, Golda Meir 6

From: 21 Jun 2017
To: 24 Jun 2017


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

Date 16 May 2017 11:04:00

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