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5 Sep 2016 - 31 Oct 2016

MY NEW LIFE exhibition

The MY NEW LIFE photographic exhibition will be on display at our outdoor Gallery on the Fence in 23 Zeitlin, Tel Aviv. Opening on the 5th of September.


It is not easy to portray the issues of disability and serious illness in a way acceptable to the general public. The photographs of the MY NEW LIFE´s exhibition radiate strong empathy and understanding that is supported by the photographer´s fantastic ability to establish close contact with the children and even their loved ones. This unique exhibition shows the strength of children with cancer, their tremendous inner courage and a faith. MY NEW LIFE exhibition offers us, as an uninitiated audience, a chance to change our views of children with tumors and teaches us to perceive them as ordinary people with extraordinary destinies.


Project´s annotation

The MY NEW LIFE photographic exhibition is the primary activity of the campaign of the same name that supports children who have been treated for malignant tumors. The project started in the spring of 2010 based on the initiative of Lucie Cingrošová, MD, children´s oncologist, and Kamila Berndorffová, fine art photographer. Their shared intention was to present children afflicted with malignant tumors in an optimistic way to both the non-professional and professional public.

The MY NEW LIFE campaign has made its goal to improve the life of treated children and to dismantle society´s existing preconception regarding child oncology patients. The MY NEW LIFE campaign presents these patients as regular kids with a passion for life, and thus disproves common conceptions of their despair and hopelessness. A positive point of view from the public will contribute notably to the child patients mental stability, facilitating their recovery.

Kamila Berndorffová´s singular large-format photographs present the child patients who have been treated for malignant tumors in a unique manner. The photographs chronicle the true stories of the children and their families and their positive approaches to the future. The motto “Diagnosis of an oncological disease is not an end – it is the beginning of a new life”, gave rise to the title of the photographic exhibition and the entire campaign.



















About autors

Kamila Berndorffová

Photographer, co-author of the project

Kamila Berndorffová is a photographer, journalist and traveler. Kamila has had dozens of individual and group shows, and received Czech Press Photo Award in 2007 and 2009. She writes and gives presentations about her journeys, especially to India, and works with travel magazines and Czech Radio. She witnessed the birth of the MY NEW LIFE project, and since 2010 dedicated herself to consistently creating a photographic documentary of the patients in the Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology of the University Hospital Motol in Prague, Czech Republic.


Lucie Hrdličková, MD.

Doctor, author of the concept

Lucie Hrdličková, MD. graduated from the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague. Since 2006, she has been working at the Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology in the University Hospital Motol in Prague, Czech Republic. Lucie is a member of the Working Group of Pediatric Palliative Care in the Czech Republic, Czech Society for Oncology, Czech Society of Palliative Medicine. She is also a member of International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP) and a board member of PanCare, pan-European network for survivors of childhood cancer. In 2009 she started a unique charity project called MY NEW LIFE to help children with cancer and their families. The main goal of the project is to spread awareness about childhood cancer and to help patients after treatment in their daily life reintegration.


More about the project: www.mujnovyzivot.cz/en


Radovan Kodera, curator, talking about the exhibition:


Zeitlin Street 23
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From: 5 Sep 2016
To: 31 Oct 2016


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