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18 Aug 2016 - 24 Aug 2016


Part of 7th edition of Czech Film Week festival in Israel organised by Czech centre Tel Aviv.



Tel Aviv > 18.8. > 22:00
Jerusalem > 21.8. > 21:30
Haifa > 19.8. > 16:30
Holon > 24.8. > 20:30

2015  |  80 minutes  |  English, Hebrew subtitles

A horror comedy about a petty thief whose rather uneventful life changes due to the discovery of an old video camera, his curiosity and the desire to find a treasure. Pepa spends most of his time in pubs. To earn a living, he breaks into cottages and sells the loot in pawn shops. He is once almost caught red handed and when escaping, he happens to find an old video camera. The last recording seems to be showing a path to a dreamy treasure. Pepa is immediately caught - he needs to find it. Yet he soon realizes that it will cost him much more than many hours of digging, as the price is higher than he thought.


Story, screenplay, direction: Andy Fehu
Cinematography: Jakub Ševčík
Music: Mojmír Měchura
Editing: Michal Böhm, Andy Fehu
Sound: Jan Kalužný
Costumes: Jana Jurčová
Producer: Filip Brouk, Filip Čermák (Company F)
Production: Company F
Cast: Leoš Noha, Jiří Panzner, Pjeer van Eck, Petr Čtvrtníček, Jitka Pavlišová, Vojtěch Johaník



The entire program of CZECH FILM WEEK 2016


Special thanks / general partner

Cinematheques: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Holon

From: 18 Aug 2016
To: 24 Aug 2016


Czech Centre

Date 28 Jul 2016 10:45:00

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