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23 Nov 2018 - 30 Nov 2018

"Whole Fragments"

Czech Centre Tel Aviv in a cooperation with Embassy of the Czech Republic are proud to participate on an opening of an homage exhibition to Ruth Bondy on 23rd November 2018.


An exhibition is based on Ruth Bondy’s texts and correspondence, the works of Jiří Slíva and artifacts from the Beit Terezin museum and archive.

„Whole Fragments“ represents the strong connection of Ruth Bondy’s work to the Czech Jewry and the Holocaust and the relevance of her works to the present and the future generations.


Ruth Bondy's book “The gravity of humor”, about Czech and Jewish humor, will be launched at the event. The book is edited by her daughter Tal Bashan, illustrated by Jiří Slíva and published by Kinneret-Zmora publishers. Jiří Slíva, honored guest and author of illustrations will attend the opening.


The curator of the exhibition: Adi Yekutieli


On 23rd November, at 11:00

Beit Terezin, the center and museum for the commemoration of Czech Jewery and prisoners of Theresienstadt, kibbutz Givat Haim Ichud

Partners:  Beit Terezin, Givat Haim Ihud Gallery, Zuzu Gallery, Embassy of the Czech Republic, Czech Centre Tel Aviv, Smartwings, Emek Hefer municipality, and private donors.

A homage to renowned author and translator Ruth Bondy on the first anniversary of her passing: Three fascinating exhibitions and the introduction of her last book


To mark one year since the passing of journalist, author, translator and Holocaust researcher Ruth Bondy, the exhibitions "Whole fragments" and "Once there was I" will be opened jointly in late November - 40 artists in three galleries, alongside artifacts from the Beit Theresienstadt Museum and archives, side by side with texts by Ruth Bondy.

The unique exhibition, a rare collaboration between artists, curators, and institutions, will open on November 23rd, 2018, at Beit Theresienstadt in Kibbutz Givat Haim Ihud in the presence of the Czech and Slovak ambassadors to Israel.

The exhibition will include references both to Bondy's past as a Holocaust survivor and researcher, as well as to her colossal cultural enterprise, as one of Israel's most  appreciated writers and translators: the first woman to win the Sokolov Award for print journalism for her work as a publicist, the author of trailblazing biographies and a gifted translator. "A woman who singlehandedly built a magnificent cathedral of exemplary translations from the Czech language, and opened for Israelis a window to literary treasures," as late poet Haim Gouri said.

The exhibitions will be displayed in three adjacent galleries, all in Emek Hefer: "Whole fragments" will be presented at the Beit Theresienstadt Museum,  including current artwork and historical artifacts that correspond with texts by Ruth Bondy on the Holocaust; the Kibbutz Givat Haim Ihud Gallery will present works that correspond with her cultural enterprise and rich world; the Zuzu Gallery in the Emek Hefer industrial zone will showcase the exhibition "Once there was I", inspired by Ruth Bondy's text, "The shrunk me". Written at age 91 and published after her death in the "Ha'aretz" newspaper, it has become an iconic text about old age and how it is perceived.

All this, in a contemporary interpretation by curators Adi Yekutieli (Beit Theresienstadt Gallery and Givat Haim Ihud Gallery) and Rotem Ritov (Zuzu Gallery), which through the creative combination between the artists' works and the texts allows even those who are not familiar with Ruth Bondy's work to relate to the creativity, humor, and practical sense of her writings, as well as to the creativity and visual and conceptual vitality of the three exhibitions.

"The presentation of current art, with reference to Ruth Bondy's texts, alongside artwork from the Theresienstadt Ghetto, allows reflection and comparison between past and present", says Adi Yekutieli, curator of "Whole fragments". "The exhibition provides another way of understanding the Holocaust, less dogmatic yet without detracting from its importance and significance. The combinations and contexts 'reveal' the mutual relations between text and visual image, such that viewers may retain their own independent experience and interpretation".

"The exhibition 'Once there was I' is a homage to human beings, humanism, compassion and the passions of life: to be, to think, to experience, to decide, to create, to invent, to feel… a homage to our need for passion and self-worth until our very last breath", says Rotem Ritov, curator of "Once there was I" at the Zuzu Gallery. "Our hope is that the exhibition will bring the viewers to reflect on the meanings of old age, the body's betrayal, and to re-introduce us to ourselves, with an ever-changing 'I' ".


Avner Katz, Orit Hofshi, Orly Homel, Ilona Aharon, Eitan Vitkon, Asad Azi, Osnat Ben Shalom, Eliezer Gogo Rozen, Buteina Halabi, Bilha Aharoni, Gidi Smilansky, Dvir Cohen Kedar, Dani Kerman, Drora Witzman, Hagar, Hadar Gad, Vered Aharonovich, Vered Nachmani, Lewe Raucher, Haim Gal On, Talia Israeli, Yair Garboz, Yehudit Schreiber, Yossi Veissid, Jiri Sliva, Limor Zahor, Najhat Abdalla, Noa Yekutieli, Nurit Gur Lavi, Serhio Daniel Chertakov, Adi Brenda, Amit Cabessa, Eran Weber, Ruth Schloss, Ran Hadari, Sara Zaira, Shibata Toyo, Tami Suez, Tamar Shefer, Know Hope


Ruth Bondy's new book "The Gravity of Humor" (Kinneret Zmora publishers) will also be introduced at the event

Ruth Bondy's fascinating journey among the great authors of Czech humor, also combining insights and stages in her life. The book was edited posthumously by her daughter, journalist and editor Tal Bashan. Czech illustrator Jiri Sliva, who illustrated the book's cover and other books by Ruth Bondy, will honor the event with his presence.

Ruth Bondy was born in Prague in 1923, survived the Theresienstadt Ghetto and the Birkenau and Bergen Belsen concentration camps, and in 1949 immigrated to Israel with her sister, the only two survivors of a 25-member family. As a student at Hebrew Ulpan, she began a career as a journalist, and for decades authored a popular personal column in "Davar Hashavua" while also participating in the iconic satirical radio program, "Three men in a boat". Her books include four important biographies, studies on the history of the Holocaust of Czech Jewry, autobiographies ("Whole Fragments", "Small Consolations"), a Czech cookbook, and dozens of translations of Czech literature.

Ruth Bondy was the first woman to win the Sokolov Award for journalism, recipient of the Yitzhak Sadeh Prize for military literature, the Prime Minister's Prize for Hebrew authors, the Minister of Education's Prize for translation, and the Tchernichovsky Prize for exemplary translations. She died on November 14th, 2017, and was buried in the cemetery at Kibbutz Givat Haim Ihud, where she and fellow survivors of the ghetto had founded Beit Theresienstadt, a museum, archives, and educational center for a commemoration of victims of the Theresienstadt Ghetto and Czech Jewry.




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