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25 Aug 2016 - 30 Aug 2016


Part of 7th edition of Czech Film Week festival in Israel organised by Czech centre Tel Aviv.



Tel Aviv > 25.8. > 21:00
Jerusalem > 29.8. > 19:00
Haifa > 28.8. > 19:00
Holon > 30.8. > 18:00
Herzliya > 27.8. > 18:00

2014, Czech Republic / Germany   |  94 min  |  English, Hebrew subtitles

Guest: Tomáš Vach, producer

Reticent engineer Julius Schmitke is a whizz at anything wind turbine-related. He sets off with his verbose colleague for the Czech side of the Ore Mountains in order to fix a creaking old wind turbine. Out there in the remote woodlands Schmitke senses something is calling out to him, something mysterious that has started to permeate his very being. “Some people call this the Czech Twin Peaks,” says debut director Štěpán Altrichter, “since, as in David Lynch’s show, strangers come to a small town where some sort of system is already in place and the locals aren’t very keen on the idea of intruders sticking their nose in their affairs.” The filmmaker cast Peter Kurth in the role of Schmitke who, apart from his theatre work, is familiar from the TV crime series “Crime Scene” (“Tatort”) and films by Andreas Dresen. In Schmitke Altrichter concocts an absurd Nordic atmosphere, taking his heroes into the barren mountains and observing their actions in statically depersonalised shots chilled with cold hues.


Direction: Štěpán Altrichter
Camera: Cristian Pîrjol
Script: Jan Fusek, Tomáš Končinský, Štěpán Altrichter
Story: Tomáš Končinský
Edition: Phillip Wenning, Andrea Schumacher
Music: Johannes Repka
Sound: Christoph de la Chevallerie, Philipp Schneider
Cast: Peter Kurth, Johann Jürgens, Helena Dvořková, Jakub Žáček, Petr Vršek, Lana Cooper, Johana Schmidtmajerová



The entire program of CZECH FILM WEEK 2016


Special thanks / general partner

Cinematheques: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Holon, Herzliya

From: 25 Aug 2016
To: 30 Aug 2016


Czech Centre

Date 28 Jul 2016 10:45:00

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