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13 Jul 2019 - 7 Sep 2019

Stumbling Through the Uncanny Valley: Sculpture and Self in the Age of Computer Generated Imagery

Czech Centre together with Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv is presenting czech artist Jakub Jansa, Karolína Juříková and Andrea Pekárková during the exhibition "Stumbling Through the Uncanny Valley: Sculpture and Self in the Age of Computer Generated Imagery". The exhibition’s starting point is the fact that today we spend so much time looking at screens that show us images created by computers rather than cameras or humans. This new aesthetic filters through our daily lives and gives form to a new mode of visual representation. Following these premises, the exhibition examines the boundaries of this phenomenon through the work of 30 pioneering artists from around the globe.


Jakub Jansa

Jakub Jansa has been exploring archetypal phenomena and searching for the relationships between the free and artificially created world on a long-term basis. In his work, he freely combines various media (video, performance, installation) and builds complex environments, while using them. His work often deliberately balances on the edge of various means of expression. By not providing clearly defined conclusions, he pulls the viewer into the playing field.

In his projects, Jansa does not disappear as an author and, on the contrary, he comes to the forefront of his works with conscious overstatement as he becomes the central figure in his motivational, self-development videos Spiritual Fitness (2016-17) or the guide in his Club of Opportunities (2017). His works are often set in the world of promoters of progress and increasing efficiency where permanent revolution has become an everyday necessity.

He is a graduate of the Supermedia Studio of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design based in Prague (UMPRUM), under the direction of Federico Díaz and David Kořínek. He had an internship in New York (Five-Eleven), was awarded residency in Switzerland (Watch Out, Engstligenalp) and France (Ceaac, Strasbourg). For the Czech Center in NY, he created a series of exhibitions called “Name of the Project is Project Itself”. He collaborated on several exhibition projects (Nej Kniha, Malich).


Intagram: jakub.jansa

When: 25.7. at 19:00, Jakub Jansa at the round table: “RIP: Rest in Peace or Rest in Power? Mortality (or Lack Thereof) in the Digital Era” with exhibiting artists Jakub Jansa and Miri Segal, moderated by Lior Zalmanson, founder of Print Screen Festival (in English) 



Andrea Pekárková

Andrea Pekárková, alias AKA 47 studied visual communication at the Faculty of Arts and Architecture at Technical University of Liberec. Andrea Pekárková is a very active young artist who uses graphic design to create statements about burning cultural issues, especially regarding climate change. She works with the contemporary visual language, based on the principles of common mass advertising, bringing attractive dynamics to the subtle theme. She has been active as a videoperformer since 2010 and throughout the years she has worked and collaborated with several musicians, dance performers, fashion designers and other creators and artists. For two years she accompanied a sferic post-rave group Lightning Glove. Between the years 2012 and 2017, she was a part of a Prague based label “Lunchmeat”, where she took a part of the team as a VJ. Since 2014 Aka 47 is a part of an audiovisual project “Space Love”, where she takes care of the whole visual image of the project. “Recreation // Virtual Wellness”

Recreation // Virtual Wellness is a project she founded in 2015 in the name of connecting alternative medicine with contemporary visual language. The aim of the projects is not only its artistic realization, but, above all, the expansion of awareness of a wide range of possibilities that each individual can adjust to his / her own existence. The series of autonomous digital collages, are using enhanced aesthetic experience, to elevate the therapeutic harmony of visual perception. 

Instagram : recreationwellness

Video and example of Andrea's work in Prague




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CCA – Center for Contemporary Art at the Rachel & Israel Pollak Gallery, 2a Tsadok Hacohen St, Tel Aviv


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