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12 Oct 2014 - 20 Oct 2014

Spitfire Company in Israel

The unique performance of " The Voice of Anne Frank" by outstanding Spitfire Company.

Dance group Spitfire Company will attend the prestigious festival of street arts Acco with their unique performance of "The Voice of Anne Frank". The group will continue to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Katsrin.

Spitfire Company is an artistic platform that includes physical, visual, musical and dance theatre. It is currently one of the most progressive ensambles of author theatre in the Czech Republic. The works that are characteristic for the ensamble include features such as: emphasis of physical acting on the stage, experimenting with new theatrical features, existential imbalance of the figures, the trend of connecting different genres and finding new visual stimuli.



The Voice of Anne Frank touches the woes and delights of a thirteen year old girl. The girl is forced into hiding in a back tract of a house. However in the voice of the diary it is not only Anne talking but all the problems of the hiding people - those who survived and those who didn’t. The life of Anne doesn’t end at the last page.

Actor: Miřenka Čechová / Script: Miřenka Čechová, Petr Boháč / Directed by: Miřenka Čechová, Petr Boháč / Light design: Martin Špetlík / Music: Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer / Cello: Hana Suchanová or Nancy Jo Snider / Production: Aneta Kafková / Stage and costume design: Petra Vlachynská a Ivanka Kanhouserová

Tel Aviv, Jerusalém, Katsrin

From: 12 Oct 2014
To: 20 Oct 2014


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Date 2 Jun 2014 18:52:00

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