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14 Apr 2016 - 20 Aug 2016

Exhibition and Masterclass of Jakub Nepras in Israel

Czech Centre Tel Aviv has organized in cooperation with Petah Tikva Museum of Art an exhibition of contemporary Czech artist Jakub Nepras, who will present his works also at the masterclass on April 10th at 19h, MFA classroom in Tel Aviv.


The work of Jakub Nepraš will be part of a large group exhibition Things to Come by curator Doreet Levitte Harten.

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10 April 20116 at 19:00 / Masterclass of Jakub Nepraš / MFA classroom in Tel Aviv
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Video installation of Jakub Nepraš in Petah Tikva Museum of Art

Jakub Nepraš combines in his work two media - sculpture and video. He draws upon scientific and philosophical knowledge, as well as personal experience, emotions and (intuition). He tries to study the contemporary developmental tendencies and behaviour of our super-organism in relation to the position of the individual within the whole entity, and to monitor those natural principles that control or influence all of this. Jakub is reflecting the fundamental changes of society and technology and also its dangers and estrangement from human beings and nature. He is trying in his work to re-appropriate a more original and purer way of life and to give natural, organic forms to contemporary society and technology.


The city hovers authoritatively overhead. A unique view of the colossus in which most of us live. An icon of today’s city in a regular turning rhythm every moment links a new event to itself. The rotating frequencies contain visual and symbolic rhythms of present-day cities. But mostly from Shanghai and Prague. An abstract story of a universal city culminates in several phases and then sinks back into darkness. It’s as if a charge of energy left the space and then after a while returned for another hypnotic cycle.

The original relief projection surface was created by a circular construction from the packages of real products originally manufactured in China. This often works as an art object itself, as an illuminated physical casing or it can give space to the projected image.

The aim is to encourage people to confront the city as a whole and to take advantage of its potential (dual) energy, which unfortunately usually manifests itself negatively, for instance on a person’s psyche. Another aim is to find in oneself a positive approach to the city as an inevitable mechanism of today’s society.

Things to Come Exhibition

April 14th – August 20th2016 , The Petach Tikvah Museum of Art
Curator: Doreet LeVitte Harten

 Although it is wide-spread in films, literature and popular culture in general, very few museum exhibitions have been produced around the subject of Science-Fiction.

Things to Come is concerned with the broad field of Science Fiction, its history and influence on various other fields of Modern(ist) imagination, such as film, design, architecture and art, both 'high' and popular . At the heart of the exhibition are works of art by both contemporary artists (Israeli and international) which capture the sense of wonder common to both Art and Science fiction. The show also includes films, posters, books, documents and pulp magazines relevant to this subject.

The curator of the show, Mrs. Doreet LeVitte-Harten, is a well known professional based in Berlin, Germany. LeVitte Harten has contributed extensively to the introduction of the work of contemporary German and Israeli artists to their respective audiences, in both countries. In 2005 she co-curated the seminal The New Hebrews in the Martin Grupius Bau, the largest exhibition of Israeli art to be shown outside of Israel to date. 

The exhibition will include  the works of some 29 artists, both Israeli and international, among them: Jacub Nepras, Robert Stieghorst, Yael Bartana, Michelle Jezierski, Shay Id Alony, Alexander Shlesier , Dov Or Ner, Karl Hans Janke, Christopher O'Leary, Jonathan Gold, Eitan Ben Moshe, Till Nowak, Peleg Dishon, John Coulthart,   Netaly Aylon, Karen Russo, Lihi Turjeman, Sasha Serber,  Shahar Marcus, and others.


Concept of exhibition to download here:




Petah Tikva Museum of Art, Bezalel Academy of Art Jerusalem

From: 14 Apr 2016
To: 20 Aug 2016


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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