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10 Jun 2014 - 13 Jun 2014

The Tap Tap in Israel

The Tap Tap Orchestra is coming to Israel to show their very specific performance. The work of these enthusiastic musicians is characterised by anarchic energy, joy and humour revealed through original arrangements.The repertoire will feature special guests with their own compositions, as well as arrangements of music by Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Iggy Pop, Amy Winehouse, David Koller, Marek Eben and Roman Holý. Partners: Magistrate of the City of Jerusalem, Magistrate of the City of Prague, Czech Airlines

The world-known group The Tap Tap will open the festival Tzamid in Jerusalem by the gala concert in the Jerusalem Theatre. Tzamid festival is the multigenre festival focused on the disabled people and people with special  needs.

The next performance of Tap Tap Orchestra will be in A Tur for the arabic audience. Czech centre Tel Aviv in cooperation with other partners is shooting a documentary about the trip of the group to Israel and it will be released asap.

We are pleased to be part of the Year of Czech Music.

Partners: The Magistrat of the City of Jerusalem, The Magistrat of the City of Prague, Czech Airlines

The core of the group comprises of almost 20 stable members – physically disabled students and school-leavers of Prague Jedlička Institute schools. In 14 years of its existence, The Tap Tap has had more than 400 performances at musical festivals, social and charity events including sold-out concerts in Prague’s Rudolfinum and The National Opera House. Music of The Tap Tap is characterized by an unbridled energy, joy of life and humor, all of these in the original arrangement.Besides our own songs also cover-versions of various domestic and foreign interprets’ hits you may find in the repertoire.

All songs from our repertoire have one thing in common: both the cover-versions and the songs written exclusively for us (there is more and more of these) fit us like a tailored suit. Each song we play is telling some story, interesting not only for us but also for the audience. We show that even a cheerful song can have an interesting subject. The greatest advantage is the genre diversity.The bands of one author often suffer from monothematic production. This won’t ever happen to you with The Tap Tap. We are still going to surprise and amuse you also in the future. The income from each of The Tap Tap’s performance is used for financing the ducational centre STUDEO, whose aim is to support individual Development of persons with physical disability and to help them to increase their chances in the workmarket. The educational centre STUDEO was established in 2004 as a part of the Jedlička’s Institute in Prague and it offers young people with physical disability courses focused on education, retraining, personal developement as well as leisure activity.


Jerusalem Theatre-Henry Crown Auditorium

From: 10 Jun 2014
To: 13 Jun 2014


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