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28 Feb 2015 20:00

Tina B. Meets Science

This year's edition of the project Tina B. , focusing on the integration of science and art , will visit Israel on his journey through the world.Partners: Artists' House Tel Aviv , MUZA PLUS,Galerie Machom Hamayim Gallery.


The House of Artists in Tel Aviv will present seven video artists - Fernanda D' Agostino , Linda Čihařová, Teurk , Chemical Bouillon, Laura Victoria Delgado , Florian Grond and Jaro Dufek.

Visitors will not only see a play with light, projects inspired by genetics , molecular biology, biology of living organisms or human body, but also  works created according to the world of physics, robotics, or algorithm .


Artists House, Alharizi 9, Tel Aviv


28 Feb 2015 20:00


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Date 16 Mar 2015 01:17:00

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