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29 Jun 2017 20:00 - 23:00

White Night Tel Aviv 2017

Also this year Czech Centre Tel Aviv participates at the European project during the festival White Night Tel Aviv called Performance Europa and will present audiovisual artist David Vrbik with his Laser String instrument on the Rotschild Boulevard.

Photo: Pavlina Schultz

The audiovisual artist David Vrbík began his artistic career with music. In the 90s he created compositions for dance theatre, and later began focusing on animation and programming theatrical technologies. He is a founding member of the dance group TOW, which created a stir in the dance community with its approach to technology, particularly the synchronization of audio, light, and laser projection. 

In 2004, along with the hip-hop and graffiti legend Vladimír 518, he founded the multigenre project SPAM, which focuses on researching the possibilities of audiovisual language. Since then SPAM has produced several performances. He is well known to attendees of the SIGNAL Festival Prague.

Spectacular Laser String is a unique apparatus that is a cross between a musical instrument and art object. It consists of a ray of light that uses the newest technological principles to act like the actual string of a musical instrument when touched – it quivers, produces sound, then fades naturally.

Created in the year 2008, its development continues to this day. It first appeared at the gala ball for the commencement of the Czech presidency of the EU in Brussels. In 2012 five such strings symbolized the Olympic rings at the opening of the Czech Olympic Building at the Summer Olympic Games in London; the strings also played a charming role in the music video for the song Evropa by the band WWW, and in 2013 were featured at Bratislava’s European Researcher’s Night. 

Also noteworthy is the use of this system for providing laser photography. A laser beam scans the space and the reflected light is transformed into an audio signal, which is then converted to a bitmap.

Photos: Pavlina Schultz







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29 Jun 2017 20:00 - 23:00


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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