Czech Film Week 2020

01. 11. 2020 11. 11. 2020

České Centrum Tel Aviv a Český Dům Jeruzalém společně s Velvyslanectvím ČR v Tel Avivu srdečně zvou na speciální vydání českého filmového týdne v Izraeli. Letos proběhne festival online a diváci tak budou moci sledovat filmy online z pohodlí domova.


Mrs. Zahrádková wants to save the old crumbling house she shares with other owners of the flats located in it. She might find supporters for her plan in young newlyweds with their idealistic enthusiasm that have just moved in and are astonished by the co-owners’ inability to agree on anything. Mrs. Roubíčková vigilantly controls the proper course of the meeting, not allowing the slightest deviation from the rules, Mrs. Procházková and her proclaimed business partner Mr. Novak are looking for ways to increase the value of their property not only by renting an apartment to African students, Mr. Nitranský tries to get hold of the attic to expand his flat, and frustrated Mr. Kubát sabotages any decision.

​Closely Watched Trains

One of the most cherished Czechoslovak films of the 1960s. Ostře sledované vlaky (1966) was the recipient of the 1968 Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

The legendary adaptation of a novella by Bohumil Hrabal tells the coming-of-age story of the young and inexperienced Miloš Hrma, serving as a station guard in central Bohemia at the close of the Second World War. Rather than taking an interest in the impending collapse of Nazi Germany, the timid young man focuses his attentions on women – as he seeks to lose his virginity and become a man. The lovely conductor Máša becomes the target of his efforts. Miloš’s colleagues, the station chief and dispatcher, may be opposed in spirit to the Nazi occupation, but given the tough penalties for resistance, choose to focus instead on day-to-day personal affairs. But among the duties of the railway staff is the requirement that they pay special attention to “closely watched trains” carrying armaments to the front. Ultimately, even Miloš ends up faced by a moment in which he has to partake in the “bigger” historical picture

Forgotten Light

Father Holy, a village priest, battles against the state and religious bureaucracies of 1980s Czechoslovakia in his fight to raise money for a new church roof. Permeated by his love for the villagers, his encounters are marked by his good humor. In his losing battle against Church and State, Holy is ordered to be transferred away from his parish and his allies.

The Czech-American, Milena Jelinek, adapted this moving story from the the novel The Forgotten Light, by the 1930s Czech writer/poet and Catholic priest Jakub Deml. Forgotten Light is an excellent drama that offers a closer look at the twilight of Communism. 

The Cassandra Cat

Castellan Oliva watches the everyday life of his small sweet town from the gallery of a tower. From that height, he can afford to keep a tolerant view of the weaknesses and frailties of his fellow-citizen. Robert, a young teacher, is preparing to marry his colleague Julie. Robert invites Oliva to sit as a model in a drawing lesson. The old man tells the children about his life as a sailor and about his first encounter with Diana, the love of his life, and her magical tom-cat. All of a sudden, jolly music sounds from the square, heralding the arrival of a strange circus. To the surprise of both children and adults, there is a magician sitting on the roof of a red car who is almost indiscernible from Oliva, and a beautiful girl named Diana with a tom-cat wearing sunglasses on her lap. At the close of that evening's performance by the magician, Diana takes the sunglasses off her tom-cat and people begin to change colour in front of his green eyes.

This fantastical comedy from director Vojtěch Jasný won the Special Jury Prize at Cannes in 1963.

The White Dove

Hundreds of carrier pigeons are released for long-distance flights in the north of France. On Fehmarn Island in the Baltic sea a group of old sailors and twelve year old Susanne are waiting for the return of their pigeons. But the girl's white dove doesn't come back, the storm has carried it all the way to Central Europe. In a studio in the centre of Prague, painter Martin catches sight of her. The tired bird is presently shot with an air-gun by Michal, a young boy in a wheelchair. A while ago, he became paralysed after a fall from a height. However, his disability is more of a psychological one. Martin brings him the wounded dove. Michal tries to heal the bird. In the meantime, Susanne is still waiting sadly. Michal gets an idea to heat the bird with a sun-ray lamp and stands up and makes a few steps to get it from the shelf. At a pigeon exhibition, Martin finds out from a public notice board where the bird has come from.

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  • Event title: Czech Film Week 2020
  • Date: 01. 11. 2020 11. 11. 2020
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