Docaviv 2020

03. 09. 2020 12. 09. 2020 The event takes place online

We are delighted to invite you to the 22th edition of the Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival Docaviv. This time you will have the chance to see the award-winning Czech documentary film "Over the Hills" directed by Martin Mareček. Film screenings will be available online during the whole festival.

'Over the Hills' by Martin Mareček

At first, they were almost a picture-perfect family: mother, father and two children – a boy and a girl. But then a wide gap opened up between two worldviews and tore the family in two. Mother and daughter now live in Russia, while father and son are in the Czech Republic. They are separated by 2,852 kilometers and more: by barriers of religion, language and culture.

After years of almost no contact between the two sides of the broken family, Vít decides to take his son Grisha and set out in search of Grisha’s mother and sister. In their rickety old car, the two travel through endless dirt roads and remote villages. The journey brings them closer together, forcing them to reexamine their relationship and find the real reasons to why their family fell apart.

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  • Event title: Docaviv 2020
  • Date: 03. 09. 2020 12. 09. 2020
  • Address: The event takes place online
  • Organizer: Docaviv

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