Global Science Café - Vividbooks

Tue 16. 03. 2021 19:00 The event takes place online

Global Science Café Czech Centres (GSC) is a series of popular science lectures and debates with the best Czech scientists, innovators, economists and other professionals. It is organized by the Czech Centres and shared within the entire network. It is an informal forum for discussing current scientific and societal issues. GSC is currently broadcast online in English once every two months.

Vividbooks - Using the latest technology in teaching: the future of education

Maintaining kids' attention during a physics class doesn't have to be rocket science. Meet Vividbooks, the interactive textbooks with augmented reality! Vividbooks combine high quality educational content with contemporary design and state-of-the-art technology. Yet another mundane science image can be magically brought to life through augmented reality and that's when a child becomes eager to learn more! Interactive lessons support students in active learning and encourage them to think about the world around them. Together with the teacher, Vividbooks help children discover the true beauty of physics.

Online via Facebook 25 February 2021, at 19:00 (*Israeli time)

PresenterMichael Londesborough

Guests: Petra Bajkasová, Vítek Škop

Live from: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU Prague

Petra Bakajsová

Petra Bajkasová is director of the Livingston Elementary School.

Vítek Škop

Vítek Škop is a graphic designer, graduate of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague who promotes the idea that design should be meaningful. During his studies he completed internships in London, Barcelona and New York. While living New York, Vítek started with Vividbooks, which he later presented as his diploma project and subsequently transformed into a successful company. Vividbooks are interactive textbooks for kids and their goal is simple – to make science for school children around the world more enjoyable.

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  • Event title: Global Science Café - Vividbooks
  • Date: Tue 16. 03. 2021
  • Time: 19:00
  • Address: The event takes place online

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